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Format: DVD
Duration: 25 mins
Price: £39 + VAT

Suitable for students aged 11-plus, this (2007) DVD provides practical tips for improving their abilities to listen. It uses everyday situations to present seven “Laws of Good Listening”:

· Spend more time listening – let other people finish speaking, and resist the temptation to interrupt or anticipate what others will say.

· Take interest in others, listen positively – a basic barrier to listening is labelling a topic or person uninteresting.

· Tear down roadblocks – a good listener keeps the communication path open; one way is to give feedback by asking open-ended questions.

· Listen to what people mean between the lines – a message has both content (words, for example) and feelings; listening involves paying attention to both – the total meaning.

· Assume the proper stance – body position can influence feelings; taking a posture that shows lack of interest can create or amplify feelings of boredom.

· Be aware of your filters – people have different filters based on their culture, upbringing and geneder; if you become aware of your own filters you will improve your listening.

· Take notes – note-taking can be helpful during telephone conversations and in meetings with people who may provide useful information.


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