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Format: DVD
Duration: 23 mins
Price: £39.00 + VAT

The final programme of the (2008) British series explains what debt is, how to avoid it, and how to borrow safely. It deals with:

What is debt? explanation of debt, why people borrow money, why they are sometimes unable to repay loans, legal and social outcomes of debt.

The power of credit concept of credit, interest rates, credit rating, implications of bad credit ratings.

Loans and mortgages different kinds of loans (secured and unsecured), student loans, mortgages, how loan repayments work, consequences of not keeping up repayments.

Debt: where to get help red letter warnings and final demands, debt collectors and legal action, dealing with lenders/creditors when in debt, sources of help for those in debt.

Avoiding debt work out income and outgoings, keep money diary, tips for sensible borrowing.

This series of three DVDs provides an accessible way of introducing the sometimes complex issues of personal economics and finance to secondary and further education students.


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